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I'm in love with creating things. I love learning, and when I'm not working on a project, I'm acquiring new skills. I'm generally enrolled in some kind of online class, and in my spare time now I'm learning how to play chess, getting better at drums and bass guitar, and learning more about fitness and health.



I began working in my home studio in 2005 and over time developed a pretty good ear for recording and processing sound. My music background also helped shape my ear for sound design. Over time, I began to learn more about field recording and podcasting as well. Now, I've recorded and edited sound captured from the studio, to the woods, to the board room, and beyond. I still occasionally produce music which allows me to continue developing my audio skills


In 2017 I decided to take the dive into the world of the moving picture. It wasn't long after that I began getting clients and projects of all scopes and sizes. In that time, I've become an expert videographer, with a solid understanding of video capture, processing, and editing. I've become a high-level user of the Adobe Creative Cloud and Final Cut Pro. Since I started, I've filmed music videos, corporate videos, multi-cam live musical performances, depositions, training videos, video podcasts, and so much more.


I never intended to get into photography, but after buying a camera, it was hard to avoid its draw. While I'm in no means a professional, I'm fascinated by photographing my quotidian life as I experience it, and capturing the beautiful friends and family that I experience it with. I love having fun with it, and getting a little weird from time to time.


I've been to over 30 countries across five continents.

I'm a triple citizen with passports from The United States, Sweden, and Nicaragua.

I have way too many hobbies including competitive foosball, cycling, language learning, and roller blading.

My great-great-grandfather was the President of Nicaragua in 1947.

Before becoming a multimedia professional, I worked as an accountant, an english teacher, and a pedicab driver.

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